Newb issue - video in clips but not with arrangement view

Can’t figure this one out.

If I drag in converted HAP videos into clips in session view they play through the ebosuite window, but if I record it as automation and play it as an arrangement I get no video, just black window.

Thats with a few tracks each with eclips.

Does that mean I have to use dummy clips to automate anything an arrangement?
Is there another workflow for building arrangements?

Hi Gzapper, eClips adds video playback to Session View. It does only that, it doesn’t work in Arrangement View. Ableton gives us very little access to audio clips in Arrangement View, so we can’t link video to the audio clips in Arrangement View. Use the eSampler or eSimpler to work with video in Arrangement View. You can then use automation to control video and the effects you add to the video tracks.

Thanks Jeroen. I couldn’t find that one piece of information anywhere else in the manual but it makes sense. I’m doing a test of something the plugs are definitely not designed for, putting 10 separate videos of musicians and singers doing a bit of an opera. Running it through clips makes it tricky to sync and automate. I’ll try it in eSampler to see if that’s easier. Great plugs, I’m now permanently unemployed as the virus killed the live theatre that was my living so will find a way to pay for these in my move into doing cat videos for a living.

Sorry to hear about your theater! I hope you can get everything back in order when this whole situation is over. I will make that limitation of the eClips plug-in more clear in the manual, because it is important to know.

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Thanks Jeroen, kind reminder, it is not in the manual yet :smiley:
That’s an important feature, hope ableton will give you more access right in arrangement soon !

Thank you @lecharcutier for the reminder. I added it now. Cheers!