New macmini 2018 no gpu, ok with ebosuite?

hi just wondering with macmini 2018 if lack of gpu will be an issue to run ebosuite? macmini 2018 only has integrated graphics not discrete.

here is a review from video editor

thinking of buying one but wanted to check if it would run ebosuite ok first.

Hi Clay,

I think it will be tricky to use that with EboSuite, especially if you plan to get creative with effects.
There is also an option to add an external gpu (a thing we still need to test here @ EboStudio, but I think we can make that work).


thanks Timo. Yeah i thought that may be the case but wanted to check first. will grab something else that has a gpu.

Recently I bought a mac mini i7 32Gb ram and also eGPU akitio with radeon rx 580, today I have everything installed and I have not yet been able to do the tests. When I do the tests, I comment on my experiences … :slight_smile:

Hello, yesterday I did some tests and at the moment everything very well, I noticed a very big change compared to the old computer. One recommendation that indicates apple is that if you want to use eGPU with programs that are not developed specifically for eGPU, you have to go to applications from the finder and with the right button select information, there is an option to use the application with eGPU, I have selected Ableton but I’m not sure if it’s the right thing, should I select EboSuite?
sorry for my english I have translated it with the translate :slight_smile:

Hi VDS, this probably only happens when you use Mojave and an eGPU. We’ll have to do a bit more research into this to make the use of the eGPU automatically, so for now you’ll have to select that manually. To do so follow these steps:

  • Quit Ableton Live (and EboSuite)

  • EboSuite is a hidden application in the EboSuite folder in the User Library. First you’ll have to unhide it. Go to the EboSuite folder in Ableton’s User Library an press CMD + SHIFT + . (‘dot’) to unhide the EboSuite application.

  • select the .EboSuite application and press CMD + i (Get Info)

  • make sure that “Prefer External GPU” is selected

  • restart Ableton Live and EboSuite

  • to hide the hidden files, just press CMD + SHIFT + . again.

That should do it! You will need to repeat this process after each installation/update untill we automated this process.

thank you very much for your help, everything works perfectly :slight_smile: merry christmas and happy new year!!

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