New macmini 2018 no gpu, ok with ebosuite?

hi just wondering with macmini 2018 if lack of gpu will be an issue to run ebosuite? macmini 2018 only has integrated graphics not discrete.

here is a review from video editor

thinking of buying one but wanted to check if it would run ebosuite ok first.

Hi Clay,

I think it will be tricky to use that with EboSuite, especially if you plan to get creative with effects.
There is also an option to add an external gpu (a thing we still need to test here @ EboStudio, but I think we can make that work).


thanks Timo. Yeah i thought that may be the case but wanted to check first. will grab something else that has a gpu.

Recently I bought a mac mini i7 32Gb ram and also eGPU akitio with radeon rx 580, today I have everything installed and I have not yet been able to do the tests. When I do the tests, I comment on my experiences … :slight_smile:

Hello, yesterday I did some tests and at the moment everything very well, I noticed a very big change compared to the old computer. One recommendation that indicates apple is that if you want to use eGPU with programs that are not developed specifically for eGPU, you have to go to applications from the finder and with the right button select information, there is an option to use the application with eGPU, I have selected Ableton but I’m not sure if it’s the right thing, should I select EboSuite?
sorry for my english I have translated it with the translate :slight_smile:

Hi VDS, this probably only happens when you use Mojave and an eGPU. We’ll have to do a bit more research into this to make the use of the eGPU automatically, so for now you’ll have to select that manually. To do so follow these steps:

  • Quit Ableton Live (and EboSuite)

  • EboSuite is a hidden application in the EboSuite folder in the User Library. First you’ll have to unhide it. Go to the EboSuite folder in Ableton’s User Library an press CMD + SHIFT + . (‘dot’) to unhide the EboSuite application.

  • select the .EboSuite application and press CMD + i (Get Info)

  • make sure that “Prefer External GPU” is selected

  • restart Ableton Live and EboSuite

  • to hide the hidden files, just press CMD + SHIFT + . again.

That should do it! You will need to repeat this process after each installation/update untill we automated this process.

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thank you very much for your help, everything works perfectly :slight_smile: merry christmas and happy new year!!


does it make any sense to activate this also for Ableton since it is under Live Ableton that Ebosuite works … or do I see this wrong?

Hi Franky, no you shouldn’t activate this for Ableton Live. The EboSuite application runs in a separate instance from live, so all video processing is done outside Live.

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Hello, I am using a mac mini 2018 with an eGPU and it works very well, the truth is that I am very happy with the relationship.

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Just bought the BlackMagic eGPU ( not the pro ) there’s not much more difference in power apparently in on-line tests between the normal and the Pro version ( double of the price too ) but Im very curious to see the performance boost … performing next weekend with my video setup and laptop … so I wanna be sure I don’t drop out :wink: but also Im curious to see how far I can go with the boost in eFX/ISF fx with Ebosuite.

BlackMagic eGPU just arrived … after set up as explained above, instant full boost on it !!! average of 15 % workload now in Ableton where normally I hang around 40 45 % which leads to slow down of the whole session even small drop outs , this with 16 ISF + eFx “ON” working all together on laptop !!! Stoked

Just don’t forget to CMD /SHIFT/. after selecting external GPU !!! or all the hidden folders are still all over finder windows every where :wink:


Hey Franky, that is great!

Hey Jeroen Timo

I witness quite some drop outs when importing video s again … like before …
what happens is that Ableton crashes … and its a bit more unstable for the moment when I perform actions like putting new ifs effects … even just at startup …
my whole Mac mini even dropped out … which I didn’t have in a long time …
OBS was also active so that might also have had a cause.
So I’m not sure if this was due to the setup or simply a Catalina problem … ( my manager just bought a new macbookpro 16 " and he is having same constant total drop outs which is really not ok …
so that could be related to apple itself … but I hope this won’t be like happening too much …

I have way more power inside now … the ram upgrade makes it all very stable in ballast …
I don’t get higher cpu loads than 20% , even with all my efx on … just as a test to see where I can charge now …

HI Franky,
Sorry to hear about your issues. Let’s try to find out what is going on step by step:

  1. does Ableton itself crash sometimes when you drag in a video into eClips? Or do you mean a different situation? Can you send me a few crashreports*?
  2. are the video files hap or perhaps h264? (I noticed some weird things myself with h264 files in the latest version of Ableton). If you are using h264, can you try with hap to see if that helps?
  3. Does turning OBS improve the situation, can you verify that?
  4. What is happen with the ISF? Does EboSuite crash or something else? Is that reproducible with certain ISFs, or is it at random? Can you send me a few crashreports*?
  • you can find the latest crashreports by opening the Console and look under User Reports for the most recent entries of the application that you want to share (probably Live or EboSuite)


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Hi Timo … sent you the files thx