New instrument for pictures

I’ve been using Ebosuite for a long time and lately I was wondering if there might be an eSimple or something like it specifically for
Photos, with a few more things.
I use many png files with very specific sizes at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the files occupy very little, they do not exceed 1mb but using several tracks consumes a lot of eGPU. I’m not sure but if there is a specific plugin for photos, it would be less heavy on the computer.
I had also thought that it had several more add-ons integrated:

  • Option to keep original file size
  • Integrate eTracktransform
  • Option to create layers of samples to spread over the entire keyboard.

I take this opportunity to say that I love this program and thank the team for everything you do, thank you!

I leave here a link so that you can see a small sample made with eBosuite, greetings!


Hi! I made you a project with an instrument rack that could help you on your projects.

This rack has grouped esimpler devices that can be separated in a keyboard rang an add eTransform devices in each track. It is easy to duplicate a track, change the note mapped to that track (+1semitone) an create a big picture launching instrument but with the freedom of having eTransform devices for each image you launch.

The only bad thing is that you have to activate the record button on each track inside the group or activate monitor in to be able to play with the images in real time.

I hope it helps! Cheers!

Awesome video piece btw!

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Thanks a lot! I’ll try it later :slight_smile:

The example you show is very good and I thank you very much but I would like to go further and be able to do all this with a single specific photo plugin. For example, just with a button that keeps the original size and the option to move Y X, you don’t need eTracktransform. If you also optimize it for photos, you can use less eGPU and do something bigger. My intention among other things is to use eBosuite as a video source connected through synthesizers and external samples and play with all this in real time.


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Hey man!
I found this Pic PlugIn on the M4L Facebook Side and I guess its what you are looking for:

Its made by Andrew Norris:

Have fun!

Cheers, Jacob

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Similar yes, but implemented in ebosuite, thanks Jacob! for the contribution

Cheers, Miguel

I think you could make it work with syphon so it might work for your workflow!

I will be able an example with limitations that I find

Yes, it’s a normal behaviour. You’ll need to make individual tracks (like in the template I sent you) and group them for it to work with eTransform devices. In the exemple you just posted, you used one track with an instrument rack. You will need to make a track with an instrument rack for each sample (one sample per track) and group them.

Here is a more complete exemple in video format.
Check out the used cpu:

Thanks again for the example, it is true that it can be done like this, although I would like more to be able to integrate it into eSampler or eSimpler so as not to have to add another plugin, also to be able to keep the actual size of the photo.


I think you can resize your canva using eOutput device for that. You ll work with the original size file you ve got.

An eSimpler with eTransform incorporated and be able to use more than one instance per track. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Exactly, my intention is also to be able to work with smaller pixels and formats without having to use anything to return to their original size

Hi @vds, thank you for sharing your work! We have a EboSuite plug-in to play images planned for a future update. We will take note of your requests and suggestions and see if we can add them. The eSimpler is meant to be a light image are video player, so’s approach is the best for now I think. But I can imagine that when you use many tracks the project might get heavy, so for using many images a dedicated plug-in would be better. I also like the slide show plug-in @Jacob suggested. It might also be interesting to render the images into a video, every second another image, and then slice them in the eSampler. You’ll need only one eSampler then and can use Freeze to make the images show longer than one second. But you will not have separate layers and will not be able to set different eTrackTransform settings per layer, so that is not so useful for your case. Your requests are added to our list! Cheers

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Thank you!!! i love this software !!!

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