New imac 10-core Intell i9 crash problems

Hi all, have just purchased a new 27inch imac with the sole purpose of running ebosuite.
Here are the specs:
3.6GHz 10-core 10th-generation Intel Core i9 processor
16GB of 2666MHz DDR4 memory
Radeon Pro 5500 XT with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
2TB of SSD storage
As it is a new computer, I have only loaded ableton and ebo onto the computer and have not migrated any files from my older imac.
Running os11.4 which was upgraded yesterday to os11.5 and very latest version of ableton11.

The esimpler device can be dragged onto a midi clip but as soon as as you drop an ebo example video clip into it, ableton crashes. Also when you drop a evideoin device onto a midi clip, ebo crashes but ableton stay open.

Have sent crash reports to the ebo and ableton teams and waiting fora reply. Have taken the computer to apple to have it tested although I suspect it will pass all the tests.

Just wondering if there is anyone out there with a similar setup that is running ableton/ebo without any issues, as in, is this just my problem or, are others with a similar computer have similar issues, thanks all, Alan

Hi Alan, thanks for your message, I am currently preparing some tests for you after looking at the Ableton crash reports, will send them you shortly. It is related to loading the audio into Ableton which works fine here, but somehow for you the situation is different, this test will hopefully give me a clue what is different in your case. Will mail you within an hour with this. (edit: sent to you).

The eVideoIn issue is a new one for me, did you already sent those crash reports?
It should ask for permission and give an error if you don’t give it, did it do that? Oh, and btw, eVideoIn should be used on an audiotrack, not a miditrack (but that should only give an error, not a crash).

Hi Alan,
I discovered something about the eVideoIn crash:

  • on a mac you need to request permission to use the camera
  • for some reason this doesn’t work in EboSuite 1.81, but it works in 1.8 *
  • could you first install 1.8b (see here)
  • start a new live set, add eVideoIn: it should ask for permission → give permission
  • now install 1.81 again

I really hopes this works as an intermediate solution while we are working on a more permanent one.

* all the code to ask permission is still there, hasn’t changed a bit but it is not executed, probably because it was compiled on another machine than usual, we will look into it

The installer has been updated today (2021-07-28) and renamed to 1.81b. You can use this installer to installer EboSuite 1.81 correctly, without the permission issues.

Download the installer here:

HI Alan,
the other crash is (probably) solved now as well, please see here for the solution.