My video clip freezes

Hi, I converted the video in Hap codec and I tried to play video loop in eclips, but eclips shows the warning message (Warping is on but warpmarkers could not be found.Save them first to use them.) when I turn on Warp and Loop. And I went back to play the video the frame was stopped.

Hi Sen, did you save the Warp Markers when you turned on Warping?

When you turn on Warping and each time when you make changes to the Warp markers you need to save them to see the effect of your changes.

eClips will not be able to use the Warp markers when they have not been saved. The reason for this limitation is that Ableton does not give acces to the Warp markers in the Live set, we can only use one set of Warp markers that is stored in the .asd file after pressing save.

When you change the Warp markers and press save, the video playback is automatically updated (this takes more or less one second). Sometimes you’ll need to trigger the clip again for Ableton to notice the change.

A video clip can only have one set of Warp markers. So if you load multiple instances of a video clip in your Live set, editing the Warp markers from one video clip (and thus saving them) will change the Warp markers for all instances (since you need to save them to enable eClips to use them).

It worked smoothly! Thank you very much!

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