Multiple Iphone's in Ebosuite/ eSyphon In?

Is it possible I saw somewhere a video or explanation to enter multiple iphones into Ebo ?

is this over wifi into eSyphon in ? or by cable connection …

Hi Franky, that is by cable connection. The eVideoIn plug-in will list all connected iPhones/iPads in the available sources list. To use multiple sources add multiple eVideoIn plug-ins to your project. It is that easy :slight_smile:

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ah ok … great … im getting in the next fase … bought the strongest Mac mini for my dj sets … im waiting now for 64 Gig of RAM to upgrade … and than this will be my new beast … together with the Black magic eGpu … will be in stalled in special flight case to place it safe next to me … with my laptop i’ve had many moments where I feared drinks and enthousiast people ( mostly drunk ;-))) ) offering me a drink while playing … to risky !!! more updates on this set up when im operational :wink: and damn that corona virus … stay safe all !!!

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