Multiple esampler in drum rack dropping visual and not stopping

I am using multiple esamplers in a drum rack, chopping up video, and inevitably the video will go black when triggered (while the audio portion will continue to play as chopped.) Some times I can “restart” it by reloading the “current region”, but then the problem will start to pass around to other clips in the rack. This problem also pops up when loading a saved drum rack with esample chopped video.

Another problem in this instance is that the videos will also keep playing past the end point, even when the sound has stopped.

I’ve also run into the problem of videos moving from the esampler and onto a track w/ eclip and the audio/video not being lined up. As well as losing the visual part of the video when consolidating the file from new start and end points in that track.

It does this on almost all videos I’ve chopped up and put into drum racks. My machine is brand new and up to scale processing/memory wise.

These problems are becoming a bummer and I might have to look to different software, but I don’t want to as I love the ebosuite possibilities.
(also, it would be cool if there was a way to have the videos choke each other).

Hi thebwalden,
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many issues. Lets figure out what is happening. I am very curious what is happening and I hope we can solve this quickly for you. I have a few questions:

  1. video goes black when triggering multiple eSamplers in a drum rack
  • does this happen consistently or occasionally?
  • will it show no video at all, or a few frames or seconds and then go black?
  • does this happen to all the videos in the rack or just a few?
  • what is your routine to chop up the video?
  • can you open the Max window and see if there are error messages there? To open the Max window: right-click on the name of an EboSuite plug-in on a track in Ableton Live and select ‘Open Max Window’ from the menu.

  1. videos will keep playing past the end point, even when the sound has stopped.
  • does this happen consistently or occasionally?
  • does this happen to all the videos in the rack or just a few?
  1. video moving from eSampler to track with eClips
  • in what case does this happen? Does it happen randomly or after you did a specific action?
  1. losing the visual part of the video when consolidating the file from new start and end points in that track
  • how are you consolidating the file from new start and end points? Do you use the File Region Editor, or do you edit the clip in an audio track and drag it in the eSampler?
  • does this happen consistently or occasionally?

Would it be possible to send us your Live Set so we can try this ourselves?


Thanks for your reply.

–It is consistent. it’ll happen at some point with each video I work with. And I am using the Hap conversion with all videos.
–Both. The majority of the time it is just black with the sound. Sometimes it’ll show a few frames, but mostly black.
–eventually it happens to all the videos. It especially happens when trying to fix the issue of the video continuing on past the cut off. The sound stops, but the video will continue on until something else is triggered. I’ve used the “Load new Region” command as a way to stop it. but that is when the black screen will pop up on a separate video in the rack.
–I’ll start with the whole video in one cell (C1), chop the start and end. Then copy that file to the next cell, and then chop from there and so on.
–only Error message in red: “cannot build search path from root directory” from the open Max Window.

–happens consistently.
–all videos, but with no pattern. sometimes to all, sometimes to a 1 or 2. and it’ll move around too.

–I moved a video from one of the cells in a drum rack to an audio track. It reloaded the whole file, not the chopped version i wanted.
–I use the file region editor in the track inself. Move start and end points. then right click for consolidate. Then the audio is there but a warning comes up on the eclip that there is no video. it comes back after I undo the consolidate.
–I’ve only tried it once, but happened with each try.

How do i send you the set?

Thanks for all the extra information. I haven’t been able to reproduce these issues here yet, so it would be helpful if you send us your Live set. Can you mail us the set (using WeTransfer for example) to

hi @thebwalden,
I just took a look at your liveset and I think I know why you are experiencing so many problems:

You use an instrument rack with multiple drumracks filled with eSamplers

We do not support this configuration, one track can only play one video at the time and one note (or clipslot) can only have one video associated to it. If you want to trigger multiple videos with the same note you need to route the midi to a separate track with its own drumrack with eSamplers.

I will check if it is feasible to report a better error to users that there is a conflict.

I think this is the cause of issue 1 and 2 and probably also 3.

About issue 4, consolidation:
This is Ableton functionality and indeed if you consolidate an Ableton clip you lose the video. We can’t do anything about that. There is a workaround though: you can convert that clip with eConvert with the ‘crop to clip start/end’. It doesn’t matter that it is already hap, it will crop your clip then without converting.
But perhaps your reason to consolidate was only a way to look for a workaround for previous issues?

About videos choking eachother: they do when you use legato. Especially legato icw with slicing might be of interest to you (even when you only have one slice).