Mp4 in EBOsuite?

it would be very helpful for preparing projects, if i could test mp4 clips in EBO, even with low frame rates. possible?

Hi Alfred, the next update will add support for more codecs, like h264 and prores. This update will be launched very soon. We are now doing the final beta tests. We will send you an email when it is released and we will announce it on the Facebook page and in the Facebook group.

hi Jeroen, mp4 works now. great, but…
the video is stretched to 3:4 with black background. and the eConvert crashes all the time and if not, creates a 3:4 picture with partly double picture at the right side fill the picture up to 16:9.

macbook pro end2013 high sierra 10.13.5

Hi Abanze,

We haven’t come across this issue with any users.
Could you please send us a screenshot and the precise information to the following email : so we can solve this issue for you.
All the best.

So, is there .mp4 support now? Or support for codecs that don’t produce ridiculously huge files?

Yes, we support more codecs now. Hap is still prefered, because that codec is optimized for live video, but other codecs work as well. Soon we’ll release version 1.32 with even better support for different codecs.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but now, with version 1.32, when I drop an mp4 in the clips I get an “EboSuite quit unexpectedly” and hitting Reopen will produce the same results until I delete the clip. Happening with multiple clips. H264 codec. Pretty sure this worked before upgrading.

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having troubles loading those mp4’s, lets try to sort out what’s happening. Can you send us the mp4’s you are trying to use (to ? And can you send us the crash report?

Emailed you earlier today.

Yes, I noticed, thank you. We will mail you back soon.