Modulate ISF shaders with midi keyboard controllers

Hi Ebo community, I am keen to midi map ISF shader parameters to my Korg Modwave controllers. E.g. rotate shape with Frequency knob, zoom shape with Pitch wheel. Is this possible? If so may you share the steps to configure. Thank you.

I don’t have your keyboard, but if the Korg’s knobbers output MIDI data to Ableton, then yeah. Just make sure that in Preferences/MIDI the Korg’s Remote In is enabled. I’d put the eISF in an instrument rack and map the parameters you want to control to macros, then use the usual cmd-M MIDI Learn procedure to map the macro knobs to those on your Korg. Hope it works out, sounds like a cool workflow.

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That has worked a treat. Thank you!

Hi again! I am now attempting to midi map Ebo to my Ableton 2 Push. I’ve replicated the configuration steps as for the Korg Modwave, but alas, I can’t get the midi mapping to work? I thought this would be straight forward given Push is native to Live?

Great! Looking forward to digging your work, please post when you have something!

did you make any progress with the Push 2 mapping to ISF? I can’t figure it out either. Other EboSuite plugins work pretty well with the Push 2, but I can’t seem to map to the ISF controls.

I did! You need to activate the Push User mode. Check out the instructions [here](

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