Mixing Ebo with Jitter

I’m using Ebo along with some MaxForLive patches that have their own Jitter window.
What would be the best way to display everything in one unique window?
1/ outputting M4L patches to the Ebo window with the vt object? not sure how/if that would work
2/ using the syphon output and use a third software to mix Ebo and Jitter?
any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Florent, sorry for my late answer. Option 1 will not work. Option 2 is viable. You can use the eSyphon plug-in to send EboSuite’s output to another application to mix it with the output of the Jitter patches. Or you could add an Jitter syphon client to the Jitter patches to receive the EboSuite Output there.

ok great, thanks for your answer!
I’ll probably use Jitter as my main output and send Ebo to it with syphon

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Nice. Don’t hesitate to share your results on the forum or in the FB group. We look forward to see your work. Good luck!