Maximizing video after play starts causes flicker issue

Since I upgraded to OSX Big Sur using Live 10 and the latest version of Ebosuite: I have noticed that if I am playing a video in the eSampler and then maximize or otherwise resize the player window it causes strange flicker issues. Once the flicker starts in the player window, even stopping ableton doesn’t clear the player from the flicker. It will do this regardless of what monitor the Ebosuite player is open in. It seems to be flickering at the refresh rate of the monitor.

Closing Ableton down and restarting it clears the issue.

The work around I have figured out is that I have to position and maximize the player on my external monitor before starting any video.

Today I upgraded to Live 11 and Ebosuite 1.72 and the issue is still replicable.

I tried to capture it in a video to share, but I’m unable to capture it exactly…

Any Suggestions?