Max MSP synth + Ebo

Hi! I am experimenting to fetch images from Max Vsynth (and put into an EBO track via Syphon. (On a macbook pro from 2018)

Initial experimenting makes everything slow down way too much to be able to use in a live situation.

I wonder if anyone have experiences with Vsynth + Ebo particularily and more generally to combine images generated from Max / Jitter into an Ebo Live set.

Are there any good tricks to make this work without using too much resources?

Any ideas will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is Vsynth:


Hi Niko, VSynth seems to be a cool tool, but I haven’t use it. We used Jitter patches in combination with EboSuite using Syphon. It works very well, but in a Max for Live plug-in it works not so well, because it shares the resources with Live, which affects the performance a lot. That is why EboSuite is a stand alone application, running outside of Live, only controlled with Max for Live. All video processing happens outside of Live. So you will get better results when you use jitter in separate Max patches that run outside Live and send their visual output to EboSuite over Syphon and are controlled through MIDI from Live for example. Cheers, Jeroen