MAX instrument not authorized


After launching the ebo-suite live set i get a warning that 'This set contains features that are unavailable
in Ableton live 10 standard. Details: The following devices can not be used Max instrument.

when i click continue a second warning states: Max for live has not been authorized. Max instruments, audio effects and midi effects are disabled.

Any clues on how to install this software properly are most appreciated.

Mac OS high sierra 10.13.6
Ableton live 10 standard

Ableton Live 10 standard doesnt include Max for Live. EboSuite consists of a standalone application and Max for Live plug-ins that communicate with this application. So without Max for Live you can’t use EboSuite. You will need Ableton Live Suite (that includes Max for Live) or you can add Max for Live to your current standard version of Live.

Hi Jeroen,

Yeah i figured it out just now after some searching the ebosuite site.

I am not at all familiar with this software and on the ebosuite-website there is not much info to be found about what it is, what it costs and where to buy it. Maby some more info and guidance for plug&play kinda guys like me to be able to determine wether investing in this software (and so in Ebosuite) is worth the buy, especially because in my case it is solely used to drive Ebosuite.

Kind regards and keep up the good work.


Thank you for the feedback, we will add this information to our website. If you need help installing/using Ableton Live or EboSuite dont hesitate to contact us. Cheers!

Hi Jeroen,

Finally I purchased MAX 4 Life so i can try out Ebosuite. The trial license number isn’t working anymore. Do i have to reinstall the software? or can i have a new number.



Hi Nils
Just send us a mail at and we will send you a new demo license key.