Max Headroom-capable?

Hey folks. I’ve got this next week open to dive into EboSuite, but just curious: ought I be able to use EboS to create a Max Headroom-esque send that will stutter / glitch-ify BOTH the video and audio? Any thoughts on what effect combos, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I should expand: in this scenario (using Ebo), I would be sending a live video feed (shot against green screen), use Ableton / Ebo to Headroom-ize and possibly then use a streaming software (such as Wirecast) to capture the preview window from Ebo and chroma key there. But maybe I could do the whole thing inside Ableton?

HI Tom, a Max Headroom like result is possible by loading previously recorded video in a drumrack with eSamplers and cutting it up there (and using the various pitch options). Indeed you can use the chromakey fx there and have a background video playing on another track using eClips or eSampler/eSimpler.

However, there is no video delay buffer (yet) and so it is not possible to do these alterations in realtime. You can of course use effects on the video and audio on realtime streams, but the stuttering that is done with Max Headroom is not possible (you can however visualise this is in other ways if you want).

You cannot stream the output directly over the web, maybe you can use SyphonOut on the master and something like this: NDISyphon | VIDVOX Documentation (it depends on your goals if this is a solution for you).
I hope this helps

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Hi Timo, and thanks a bunch for the reply. My follow-up here is to clear up a couple things and in the end trying to prevent my chasing rabbits down holes that won’t lead anywhere productive. You commented:

However, there is no video delay buffer (yet)

TB: Yeah, the delay buffer’s definitely the rub, with most programs I’ve looked at. AND pre-recording’s not possible as (in my highest aspiration for this idea) it’s meant to be a live show with live audience participation / questions.

You can of course use effects on the video and audio on realtime streams,

TB: I’m a bit confused by this. I’ve been under the impression that ebonite could possibly take a live video input and use its limited effects array with Ableton audio effects in realtime. Or are you speaking here of EboS using effects on video and audio and creating an end product which can then be streamed in realtime? Or perhaps I’m mistaken and EboS can’t perform live effect attenuation on a live video input feed.

You cannot stream the output directly over the web, maybe you can use SyphonOut on the master

TB: SyphonOut I’m considering. Also I could use Wirecast’s capability to capture windows from “outside” softwares to stream live.

Hi Tom
Im jumping in to answer your questions, since Timo is busy now.

Video buffers and live capturing are not supported yet indeed, but is something we are looking into to add, because it is a great feature.

You can use eFX on a live feed from a webcam or iPhone/iPad using the eVideoIn plug-in. Or you can use eFX on an incoming Syphon stream using the eSyphonIn plug-in. You should check out the eFX-ISF plug-in, because that is a very versatile visual effects and generator plug-in. You can load different ‘ISF shader files’ in this plug-in to change it’s effect. There are over 1000 ISF shader files available on the ISF website. When you install EboSuite 175 shaders are installed in the ISF folder in the EboSuite folder by default. You’ll find a tutorial about the eFX-ISF plug-in on the support page and you’ll find more information in the manual.


hey thanks, Jeroen. In the end, your prompt reply will help me to avoid what may have been a lengthy process down some misleading rabbit holes. Also, I’d just like to add that the EboS team have really been great on the customer service tip…keep up the great work! And thanks for this insight and the great tips!

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Thanks! We are happy to help.