Mapping Ebosuite FX via midi to an Ableton DJ template


I’m using an Ableton DJ template for the Akai APC40 MKII that has note/beat repeats programmed as momentary FX to the “scene launch” buttons on the midi controller. In essence, while a track is playing you can press and hold the scene launch button, which will trigger the note/beat repeat FX, and when you release the scene launch button the note/beat repeat stops.

I would like to map Ebo Suites note repeats (respectively) to the same scene launch buttons on the APC40 MKII, but I still want to retain the momentary FX programmed into the DJ template.

Currently, when I map Ebosuite’s note repeat FX to a scene launch button, it overrides the momentary FX in the DJ template, so that I have to press scene launch the button to trigger the note repeat, and press it again to turn the repeat off.

Is there a way to prevent the above referenced from occurring? It would be really cool to not have to worry about remembering to press the scene launch button twice to turn on/off Ebosuite’s mapped note repeat FX.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • T.R.U.E.

Hi T.R.U.E.
Sorry for the delay in answering.
I will try to help you, but I am still puzzling what the situation is.

  • You use a template which (among other things) turns on the beatrepeat effect when you press a button on your APC and turns it on when you release it.
  • You would like to replace the beatrepeat effect with eLoopStutter
  • The behaviour turns out to be different so that you need to press the button on your APC twice

Is that the situation?
I just checked and the beatrepeat ‘repeat’ buttton works the same when as the eLoopStutter ‘Stutter’ button when mapped to a midi note. So I think it might work if you manage to modify your template to connect the APC to the eLoopStutter the same way as the beatrepeat. How is your template structured?


Hi Timo,

I appreciate your response. Honestly, I had given up hope anyone would respond.

Yes. That is the situation.

The template I’m using is an old (now discontinued) Will Marshall template for the Akai APC 40 MKII. In this template, there are “momentary beat repeats” mapped to the Scene Launch Buttons, which also serve as Audio/PPM Meters.

The momentary repeat effects are enabled when the respective scene launch buttons are pressed, and automatically disabled when the buttons are released. These momentary beat repeats are applied to the Master Channel, and each monetary repeat feeds into the next. It’s a very interesting effect.

Ok. I’ll give it a try, and try to midi map the eLoopstutter ‘Stutter’ Button to one of the scene launch buttons, and see fi it does not overide the momentary repeat effects already baked in the template.



Hi Timo,

My apologies. I would NOT like to replace my template’s momentary beat repeats with eLoopStutter. I’m curious if I could combine them, but still retain the momentary properties.

So in essences, I’d like to map one or several instances of the eLoopStutter to the Scene Launch buttons in my DJ template, and still be able to enable or disable the “stutter/beat repeat” by pressing and releasing the mapped button(s).



Hi T.R.U.E.,
Thanks for explaining your situation more in detail.
Let me know how it goes with the midi mapping, I hope you find a working solution that looks and sound good.

Hi Timo,

It appears my memory has somewhat failed me; as I had already tried mapping the eStutter to one of the momentary beat repeats mapped to a scene launch button on the Akai APC40 mk2.

Employing this strategy overwrites the momentary beat repeat within the template.

I’ll redeploy and fiddle around and see if I have better success, but it is not a deal breaker if this does not work.



Hi T.R.U.E.,
Is the issue that you can only map 1 parameter?
Perhaps the (stock) MultiMap max for live plugin might be a good solution for this.

Hi Timo,

I’m not sure really. Oh wait…yes.

For example…for (1) “ebovideo” audio channel, I have (5) eStutter plugins so that I can account for all the momentary note/beat repeat resolutions mapped to the Scene launch buttons in the Dj template.

I have the eStutter plugins on the ebovideo audio channel so the actual video that’s playing will be “stuttered.”

Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should experiment with putting the eStutter plugins on the Master channel.

I didn’t know that I can only map one parameter. Thanks for the tip on the MultiMap plugin.

Best regards,