MacOS: How do you completely uninstall/reinstall?

To troubleshoot an issue I’m having, I’m trying to completely uninstall EboSuite on my Mac. Then reinstall.
How do I completely uninstall? Because v1.61 is not allow me to install over 1.61. I get an error.

Hi EnjoyRC, to uninstall EboSuite delete the EboSuite folder from Live’s User Library. When you install EboSuite two fonts are installed as well (Archivo-Medium.ttf and OpenSans-Regular.ttf). If needed you can uninstall these font using the Fontbook application: select the font there and choose ‘Remove Archivo-Medium Family’ and ‘Remove OpenSans-Regular Family’.
Can we help with the issue you are having?

You already are in my open ticket about eVideoIn crashing due to Mic permissions.

I don’t see this one.

Ah, the latest installer doesn’t install that font anymore. So you don’t have to worry about that font.

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EnjoyRC, we have found the cause, fix and a workaround for your initial issue. See here.

I wonder what your issue is with install an older version if the newer one is still there. It should works straightaway (the only thing is that you are probably left with the newly introduced eLoopStutter that is not removed). Do you remember what kind of error it was that you saw?

Did it look like this?

This is a not an error, this is a strange quirk of the installer framework that we use that sometimes happens. You can then still select your drive and continue installation.

That’s EXACTLY what I was seeing. Thanks for following up.

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