Mac Mini M1 Real World Experiences?

So now the 1.8.1 update has been released with M1 compatibility, can anyone tell me how an M1 Mac Mini performs with Ebosuite?

I’m thinking of getting hold one for an installation, thanks.

Hi Gavspav, we used a rented M1 Mac Mini for some tests a month ago and that worked very well. But because it was a rental our experience is limited. I hope somebody in the community here can give more detailed advise.

So far so good, in my limited experience. While I’m not noticing any real improvements in audio latency above my 2015 MBP, my M1 mini (16GB, 1TB) comparatively screams graphics performance-wise. Will update after I download some of those gnarly ISF shaders that crashed my old system, but very happy so far.

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