Mac Mini for Ebosuite?

Anyone using EboSuite with a Mac Mini?
I’m wondering about converting an installation to run on Ebsosuite
But them apple computers are expensive and from experience hackintosh’s give you headaches sooner or later.
So any tips or guesses for lowest spec 2nd hand macs I can run Ebosuite on. I want a maximum of 4 8 second loops and a few one shot hits playing at a time. With at least global effects.
I’ve got a 2007 mbp (which I use for another piece) - I guess I should try that as a starting point.

Hi Gavspav,
Cool AV installation! :)) We love to help you to find the right configuration. Please send an email to so we can give you detailed advice. Below you’ll find some general advice to get you started:
The most critical parts of the configuration to run EboSuite smoothly are the GPU (so not the CPU) and the hard disk drive, since reading and unpacking the video files (on the GPU) are the most intensive processes. So I advice you to look for a computer with a proper videocard (GPU), preferably an ATI or NVidia video card, since we did most of our testing with these videocards. Here is a list of Macs that are equiped with such hardware: I advice you to add an SSD drive to your configuration, to speed up reading the video files. I have ran EboSuite smoothly without an SSD drive, but then you’ll have to be more careful how you render your video files: smaller videos (like 640 x 360) will be much faster to process than bigger videos (like 1920 x 1080).