M2 Pro vs M2 Max

Hey guys, I’m in the market for a new MacBook and EboSuite performance is a consideration. Can anybody speak to the difference in performance between Pro and Max?

I have the new macbook m2 16" pro. I decided to save and not get the max. I get a beachball when loading my abelton live project when I have more than 27 tracks of midi controlled video but runs fine doing so once loaded. Audio and video and video wise I have used parallels for windows and ran mac at the same time processing heavy amounts on both to test. I explained in detail at apple about ebosuite and zwobot and they told me they thought the max chip would be overkill and would not really be any different in processing for this (that’s assuming they were grasping what I was wanting to do). also I have run a capture card software no problem and video switcher, multiple ins and outs audio and video while controlling with external midi. I did have some issue with settings and blackhole audio at first but patience got me through that …almost returned the mac at one point. I have been running tests on a 2nd youtube channel if you want to see some of the things I am throwing at the mac. michael nervOus (experimental 2nd channel) - YouTube

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