LUVU Livestream

First off, thanks to Jeroen, Timo & Nesa for all the work you put into the Ebosuite. Your innovation and responsiveness have been encouraging.

We’ve been livestreaming with Ebosuite for about 3 months now and finally have some videos worth sharing. Our act LUVU performs creates a live improvised music experience and will be making a special performance tonight (9PM-11PM EST) at scoring a live soundtrack. We stream at regularly and would love to see you there!

Here’s one of our recent livestreams to get a taste:

Ciao for now and have a stellar weekend!


Thanks for the links and nice words!

I’ve just checked yesterdays stream - looks and sounds amazing and superfun!

It’s also awesome how you engage with the audience/chat through the song, it makes live stream feel really live!

Gonna keep it playing while working on EboSuite, hope some of those good vibes transfer into code:)


Thank you, Nesa! We’re just having fun and making it up as we go :slight_smile:

Also, we had reached out over email to learn about your experience with a hackintosh. We may be going in that direction coming soon because there are some more features we’d like to add and we’re at the ceiling of our cpu. Any of your hackintosh insight would be greatly appreciated. Have a lovely weekend!