Live set not finding video files

Hey guys I am noticing that some video files when saved and reopen are not reloading. the device is there but the videos are not in the esampler or esimpler. It seems to be not consistant. Not sure what is causing it.

any advice is appreciated.

Hi tunnelsurf, are you experiencing this issue recently, since the last update, or have you seen this earlier as well? Do you have a reproducable case? I couldn’t reproduce this issue here, so it is difficult to understand what is going on and give useful advice. Is there more you can tell us about the situation in which this happens?


1.if i have an esampler playing and i load another track with an esampler the last video i put into the newest track takes over both tracks.

  1. Also sometimes when i save (not collect all and save) i reload the session and the video screen stays black until i put the video back in the session or sampler. it doesn’t seem to happen all the time but i haven’t figured out what is causing it when it does happen.

Hi Tunnelsurf,
Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing issues. I can’t reproduce these issues, so I need more information to understand what is happening. Can you send me a screenshot of the Max window (Right-Click on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Open Max Window’ from the pop-up menu)? Can you send me your project (send to What version of EboSuite and Ableton Live are you using?

thank you for getting back to me sorry i have been spotty on the forum. Ill try to follow through on any issues i have from now on. i appreciate ebosuite and all your hard work still as excited everytime i open it. I will report back with any issues im having going down the road. thanks again.

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