Live sampling from youtube - OBS to EBOsuite link (audio and video)

Hi ! I just wanted to share my workflow using live sampling with an OBS source (streaming from youtube) with audio.

I switched to a M1 mac a few months ago and VLC Syphon stopped working so I had to get an alternative going. This workflow is even better in my opinion.

Tell me if it works for you too ! Cheers and sample responsibly :wink:

Another snippet with sound

Nice, thanks for sharing!
another workflow is to use an iPhone/iPad as videosource in eVideoIn.

I tried it but couldn’t make the video and the sound work together during capture.
I can capture video only or sound only (using the lightning cable) but it might be because I am not on the latest iOS update on my devices…

The video stops working when I activate my device’s iOS sound input in midi audio setting app.

Video and audio works fine if I use the output jack of my iOS device and connect it to an external soundcard though.

Thanks for the tip!