Live sampling directly into Simpler

Hi! I am having a blast with the new update but there is one function I couldn’t use yet : Live sampling using esimpler and the simpler device.
How could I reset the permissions to be able to use this function and be able to send the file from esimpler to the simpler next to it?

Right now I am able to to send the file from eVideoIn to eSimpler, when the “autoload to simpler” is unchecked but when it is checked, eVideoin in doesn’t send the recorded file to Simpler device (not even to the esSimpler either)

Does anybody have the same problem?

I am using a Macbook air with M1 chip (using Live in M1 native mode)


owae. ga

Hi Carlos, good to hear that you are enjoying the new version. What do you mean with ‘reset the permissions’? Do you see any errors in the Max Window (open the Max Window by right-clicking on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Open Max Window’ in the pop-up menu)? I will discuss this tomorrow and get back to you.

Hi Jeroen,

I get this messages if I open the eSimpler device I am using on this project:

I also made a video showing the problem I have:

I asked about the permission reset because I read in the info button about the autoload to simpler, that we need to give extra automation and accessibility permissions for it to work properly.

Hi Jeroen, I’m noticing that topics that were created today are getting responses from the Ebosuite team, but the topics that I created yesterday are not. Just making sure I’m not being blocked because I’m a new user or something. Thank you.

hi hat, I will get back to you today (jeroen asked me to look into your posts)

Hi carlos, can you confirm that you have both given Live access to control ‘system events’ and also to use ‘accessibility features’? The windows to ask for permission show at the same time and if you react to one the other can hide behind Ableton Live, so it is confusing.

These are the windows that ask for permission:

and it should look like this afterward:

Let me know if these are set correctly and we take it from there

btw, Your setup with the eVideoIn on the same track as the eSimpler will lead to some errors and unexpected results because there can only be one source on a track.

I should mention that in the manual. I use an image with the eSampler/eSimpler and eVideoIn seemingly on the same track. Will fix that.

I just checked and I gave Live access for automation and accessibility already.

I tested the eVideoIn using a separate audio track and I get the same results.
I am going to try to reset my Live installation and use a blank template to see if something was altering the Max behaviours.

I let you guys know if I found a solution on my side. Cheers.


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Live’s update 11.1.5 apparently fixed my problem. Live sampling is working now!

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Hee, That is good to hear!