Live 11 Support


I’m beta testing Live 11 and found that EboSuite 1.7.1 does not work with Live 11.0b22 Build 2020-12-11.
I tried fresh install, manual install, etc. of EboSuite but have not had any success. I’ve also switch to embedded Max and standalone Max 8 and this does not make a difference.

I am able to use EboSuite in my Live 10 install (on the same computer) without any issues.

What is the ETA for Live 11 support?

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Hello Dear,

Indeed there are a lot of plugins that do not yet work with Live 11, it s sad but it is! Do not forget that we are on a beta of Live so we must accept that all third party manufacturers are working on the compatibility of their product to be operational I hope for the official release of Live! otherwise ETA means « Estimated time of arrival »
I just found out while chatting with Darren from Isotonik …:sweat_smile:
hoping to have enlightened you !
good luck to you.


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Thank you for the information.

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Here is the source of the error:

userlib: contains no valid url to userlib

which is source from the UserLib module in EboSuite.
userlib^@bang^@version^@assist^@box^@userlib developed by EboStudio (v20180125)

I’m guessing this needs to be updated to work Live 11/Max 8?

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