Live 11.3.3 - Autoload in Simpler

Hi! Since I updated to Live 11.3.3, autoload function (live sampling) in eSimpler doesn’t work anymore. Does anyone have the same problem? It Works fine in 11.3.2 (and 11.2.11).


Hi Carlos,
on my computer it works in Live 11.3.3.

Could you send us a screenshot of the Max window to Maybe that gives a clue of what is happening. To open the Max Window, right-click on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Open Max Window’ from the pop-up menu.

HI Carlos, I looked at your mail and video.
Can you try something for me: How does it behave when the eSimpler and the simpler are not grouped?
Thanks for checking.

Hi Timo! I just checked. I modified my template to get esimpler and simpler ungrouped, closed it and reopened it. I get the same result. Here is the Max window in case it helps:

I installed Live 11.3.4 to check the new version and then downgraded to 11.3.3 again. Autoload works on 11.3.3 now. Sometimes I find ways to fix my problems without knowing really how I fixed them… haha

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o wow. that’s weird. Not sure what the deal was then.
The way it works is of course a bit of a hack (by simulating mouse movements) so it is sensitive to changes in the UI (and you need to give the proper permissions to do this). Let me know if it comes back then we will take it step by step.

Oh and the harmless patchcord error will be fixed in the next version. I need to resave a file (not sure how it started in the first place)

Thanks Timo! One thing I noticed when I use a few different tracks on a project with autoload is that I need to move the mouse a little bit for it to finish pasting the videoclip on to the Simpler device. If I don’t move the mouse the clip doesn’t copy onto the simpler. (That is maybe a sign that they changed UI stuff in 11.3)

hmm, so something has changed…
What is your OS version btw? and is this on a retina screen or normal?

macOS Monterey 12.6.5 - Retina 1680x1050 (Macbook Air M1)

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