Legato Mode and Feature request

Hi, so I’m loving the EboSuite great work! I’ve been wondering though , when i use eClips (HAP 720p) in session view and have legato mode turned on (and looping) and i switch between clips within a track each with legato and looping turned on, with audio this should switch between audio clips while keeping the same time within the loop, with video it works but there its a brief glitch where before going to the correct time in the clip it starts at the beginning for a sec and then goes to the correct time. Any way to avoid this?

Also I really like the eSampler and the way it works with the ADSR triggering but when in legato mode i find it doesn’t work like the legato mode in session clips and that’s what I really want. I really wish the eSampler could keep track of the time within the loop and but otherwise act like the non legato mode where you can have the ADSR curve and the clips fades off when you release the key (but when you press it plays at the time within the loop not the beginning of the clip).

Hi Cromatoforo, thanks!
The issue with eClips is a now issue and something we should look into. It is on our list, so hopefully soon that brief glitch is gone. It should only happen in the scenario you describe.
You are right that legato works differently in the Sampler than with the eClips plug-in. I noted your request and we will add it to our discussions about what to add to EboSuite next. Cheers!

Thanks, I’m very interested and would purchase license as soon as either of those features was working. Right now I’m using Premiere Pro multicam editing to achieve a similar effect but no way to connect it to ableton live and no ADSR opacity curve. I also have VDMX and have a way to sorta achieve it as well (legato minus ADSR curve) but would be way more snazzy to have it within EboSuite (with ADSR within eSampler and eClips ideally).

If I was able to do ‘legato’ without the glitches or legato like I describes with eSampler I would buy it in a second, and also it would be a damn cool way to edit video :slight_smile: IMO video when it always starts at the same spot can be jarring… with legato there is continuity across clips and makes more engaging like cinema… Cheers

Hi Cromatoforo,

I took a look at your ‘legato’ request and it’s a bit harder than I though because of this:

  • Ableton’s api does not give access to the legato parameter, so we don’t know wether this option is turned on for a certain clip
  • Ableton does not directly report the current playback position of the clip: first we receive a message that a new clip is started and a little later the position is updated accordingly

The combination of these 2 points makes it impossible to properly support legato without flashes. What we can do for a future release is add an extra parameter to eClips which will only switch to the next clip after it also received a new position. This will get rid of the flashing in legato mode, but the response will be a little less ‘snappy’.

Legato is indeed different for the eSampler, do you mean that you would like an interaction between eSamplers in the same drumrack so that the next one will take over at the position where the previous one stopped? That is indeed possible, but will require quite some work unfortunately…

May I ask what you want exactly?
If my interpretation is correct than you might be able to pull of what you want by placing each loop on a different track, start them at the same time and then control the volume (and/or mute) of each track. Is that getting close?


Hey Team,

Got myself a demo and I’m really enjoying it so far, thanks for all your hard work. I think I have a similar question to that above about using legato mode with the eClips plugin.

Legato mode exists for the Sampler plugin, as well as for the Simpler plugin (via Sampler? as is my understanding), which is great, but it would be awesome if this mode existed for the eClip plugin as well.

I would very much like to treat multiple clips of video like clips of audio within session view (ie. with default looping behavior). I suppose something similar like this could be achieved with a rack of Samplers, but treating video as audio clips within the same session view seems like it would work better with my current live setup.

Currently, I’m playing around with some slips from archive.org, none of which feature sound. I’ve tried turn on warping for all the clips (to allow for looping), but triggering the clips after this results in a “frozen” grab of the clip within the ebosuite preview window. The lack of sound in the clips means that warp markers cannot be automatically found, if this is potentially a problem.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi Sam,

What is the functionality you miss in eClips that you describe as Legato?
It already functions a bit like ‘legato’ by default since you turn on the clip and it starts playing until it has reached the end or until you start another clip. (This is similar to what eSampler does with legato on).

If you want a video to loop you indeed need to turn warping on and save the .asd file with the save button in the clip view. This also works for videos without sound. (see also the section Using warped clips in the manual on p7/8)

I hope this helps