Launchpad / Midi mapping various devices

I had some luck with the launchpad pro yesterday with midi mapping faders as unipolar faders to isf shaders and was curious if anyone else is using a similar setup.

for the launching of audio clips I have the launchpad in normal session mode and then switch to a custom 8 fader matrix to change parameters for ebosuite / isf shaders. the cool thing about the launchpad and the uniploar fader setup is you tap on one of the matrix boxes and it automates in real time to that level…

I’ll make a video soon to show the actual setup, here is the first test that shows the result. its me just tapping random things on the launchpad and i do use the trackpad in the beginning of the test to launch clips
[Video + Audio mapped to Launchpad Pro in Ableton / Ebosuite (1st test) - YouTube](https://Launchpad pro triggers audio clips, midi and ebosuite)

Very curious of other midi setups or midi mapping. would love to the results or setups anyone has