Jumping windows

i made a first video with ebo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_U0v92hO0
great tool!! thank you!!

some behaviours of ebo are strange:

  1. Ableton flips around between the selected channels. so if i want to make changes to the settings of channel 3 for example (size, position etc.) , other channels appears active instead… that make it very chaotic.
  2. i cannot see the changing of parameters in realtime in the pause modus, only while playing the channels. but then the knows are very hard to move, or don’t do the job.
  3. if i have one longer video and make different tracks with different warp makers of it in one channel, it cannot sync video/audio to all the different subclips in that channel. hmmmm, one is lip-sync, not all the others. i did recut them in quicktime and then it worked, but its not perfect…

. any ideas?

best wishes

Hi Alfred
Im happy to see that you are having fun using EboSuite.
I cant reproduce scenarios 1 and 2 that you describe. Maybe we should plan a Skype session to have a look at your situation.
About your 3rd question: we use the information that is stored in de .asd file that is created by Ableton Live next to the video file to do warping. That is the only way to access the warp markers, Ableton doesnt give us any access to that information directly from within Live. Hopefully they will change that in the future. Because of this you can only use only one set of warp markers per video file, since all copies of this clip in Ableton will use the same .asd file. If you change the warp markers for one clip and save that, all the other clips will use those new markers, because they read the same file. That is how Ableton works now so we cannot change that unfortunately. If you want to use different copies of a clip with different warp settings, then you’ll have to make copies of the original video file and load them Ableton. Annoying, I know. I hope we can change that in a future update, when Ableton gives us more access to that data.
Cheers, Jeroen

solved! i forgot to SAVE some of the warp markers… now Ableton is not jumping between the channels (slots) anymore. uff…

Ah! Top. We hope to improve the handling of warp markers in the future, but we’ll need some help from Ableton then first…