Issues with Live 10 and eOutput or eText + solution

We just found out that there is an conflict when using eOutput and eText in the latest version of Live 10. For example eOutput will not show a preview and loading eText will cause a crash.

The underlying reason has to do with a conflict with the max version that comes bundled with that version of Ableton Live and another newer version of max installed on that same system.
Luckily it is possible to download and install the latest verson of max and assign that to Live 10 and it all works fine again.

  • download and install the latest verson of max (no max license needed)
  • go to Live’s preferences, File/Folder → Max application and select the one you just installed
  • restart Live

Note: this is not the recommended version for Live 10. We haven’t found any issues yet and Cycling '74 say it will probably work fine but there might be. In that case it might be worth trying the alternate solution: edit a max for live device, open the Package Manager in Max and install the “GL3” package (v0.2.1).


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