ISF Opacity Adjustment?


I’m just trying out the new ISF feature of the Ebosuite update. When using a “generative” ISF file that I have downloaded, if I import it in to the Efx-ISF after an Esampler (or ESimpler) on a channel, is there a way to blend the ISF effect with the video I am triggering in the Esampler? At the moment it is totally opaque and so just hides the video completely. I would like to adjust the opacity of the ISF to blend it with the video.



Hi MNDMTH, currently you can’t mix the output of a ISF generator and the unlaying video. But one way to achieve the same effect is to send the video to another track using the eSyphon plug-ins, add the ISF plug-in on that second track and mix between those tracks. See images below. Is that helpful?


Thanks! That’s helpful