ISF Images and Sequence backwards

It appears that all my images are inverted and the sequences run backwards.

In another question, in your tutorial on ISF, how do you latch to the envelope generator. It was very hard to see that in the video.

I would like to latch to a rhythmic drum beat.

Asantarosa, All your images are inverted and sequences run backwards? Thats interesting. You mean the image is flipped horizontally/vertically or the colors are inverted? And movies play in reverse? Are you using ISF shaders on these tracks? Can you tell a bit more about this situation? It is difficult to understand what is happening now.

Below a short explanation about mapping the Envelope Follower.

  1. Add an Envelope Follower to an audio track and click on ‘Map’.
  2. Go to the parameter you want control with the Envelope Follower and click on that parameter.
  3. Now it is mapped and you can edit the range of the parameter it will affect (0% - 100%). Click on the ‘Multimap icon’ to map more parameters to the same Envelope Follower.
  4. Click on ‘Map’ in the Multimap browser and repeat the process to map another parameter.

Add an EQ to make the Envelope Follower focus on a specific frequency range of your audio track, like the bass (e.g. bassdrum) or hi-end (e.g. hi-hats, percussion), to make parameters react to different parts of the audio track (e.g. a beat).

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Thank you for the info on the envelope follower.

Here is the issue with the ISF Shader.

Audio track with a JPG or PNG image.

eClips and eFX-ISF loaded on track.

Image is reversed in the shader. This happens in any shader. Here is a screen shot of Cubes+Spheres EboRemix.

Also if you were to see this in motion, the motion is backwards. The wave is moving right to left, on the web it moves left to right.

I also tried the following shader ->

On the web it shows you moving through the maze forward. When I run it in Ebosuite, it runs backwards through the maze.

So in essence, every shader is being run in reverse.

Hi, the motion is backwards indeed! That is a bug in our application. Sorry about that! It will be fixed in the next update.

On my system images look the same on the website and in the EboSuite application:

Are you sure they are flipped in every shader?

The Cubes+Spheres EboRemix shader has a bug (sorry about that as well). On the website and in the EboSuite application the logo is flipped horizontally. We will fix that remix.

Btw: I see that the resolution of your output is very low. In EboSuite the resolution of the ISF shader is determined by the resolution of the image/movie/stream that it works on. So if you use a higher resolution image of your logo, the resolution of your output will also be higher. But be careful: higher resolutions are also more demanding for your GPU, which might cause your system to slow down.