ISF and audio clip with enveloppe follower

hello in this tutorial,
there is a parameter that escapes me :grin: in your video we see you modulate the sound of the bass with your controller but we do not see any device that allows it on the bass track? it is however an audio clip not a vst I am curious to know how you did that :joy::sparkles: thank you in advance for your answer.
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Hi Tsukai, it is actually pretty simple: I added an EQ to the master track and MIDI mapped the hi cut-off parameter (with pretty high resonance, Q) to the MIDI controller and MIDI mapped a few visual effects to the same knob on the MIDI controller. See the screen recording below:


Hi Jeroen

thank you very much for this video which is very explicit !!! I had the impression in the tutorial that the filter acted on only the synth I did not think it was on the master :wink: again thank you for your creation and your presence, looking forward to sharing.

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