Is there a way to "render" video?

A BIG part of the reason I want this software, is because of its ISF shader compatibility. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get decent frame rates on some of the more extreme shaders. This one for example brings my frame rate to a crawl. It’s essentially impossible to record it with syphon.

I’ll probably pick up the software anyways because it does do a LOT of cool stuff with its Ableton functionality, but I’ll essentially be restricted to lower system resource usage effects, which is the majority, but I’ll feel like I’m missing out on the 10%.

edit: I just picked up apple motion for complex ISF shaders.

Hi, unfortunately there is no way to ‘render’ your final mix with EboSuite. For now the only way is to record your visuals. It is on our list so we will add it somewhere in the future. For complex shaders and mixes that is a problem, I agree. For some shaders you might be able to reduce the amount of render passes in the shader code. Combining EboSuite with Apple Motion is an interesting idea.


Render video would be a big + for finishing up my videos and workflow. I´m getting by using the Syphon Recorder but I find it a little convoluted since you have to first start the SyphonRecorder, go back to Live and start the track and the monitoring it on the EboSuite video window(the name escapes me right now).

I hope that this process could be more integrated in/with Live in a future update of Ebosuite. Or at least make it possible to start the SyphonRecorder and transport in Live at the same time.

Hi Ringokidf, thank you for your feedback,. Making recording easier is on our todo list, so an update in the near future will add that probably. Rendering is a bit harder to add, so I dont know if/when we will add that.

Would it be easier to add “export by frame” rendering? I’m not a developer, so I very well could be wrong, but I read by another developer that using ffmpeg’s export per frame is much simpler to implement. I’m sure that would vary based upon what you used though.

Hi Sargentpilcher, that solution will not work in this case. We need to render mixed videos with visual effects and genereated visuals, so that is more complex. Another thing that makes it more complex is that the renderer should control the timing of all the events instead of Ableton’s timeline, so we would need to develop something for that too. Thank you for thinging along though!