Is it possible to auto-tile video tracks?

Hello friends, I am trialing ebosuite and I want to be able to automatically tile video tracks evenly when new tracks play without drawing automation envelopes for scale and x/y position for each track. I am using audio tracks in the arrange view. Is there a function that automatically does this? For example playing 4 tracks at a time places them in each quadrant of the screen? thank you

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Hi dfbpurcell, Welcome to EboSuite! We don’t have a dedicated plug-in yet to do this, but does the solution below help?

Step 1
Add multiple eFX-ISF plug-ins to your audio tracks and select the Zoom shader from the Standard folder.

Step 2
On each track disable all the eFX-ISF plug-ins except the first one. Make a nice arrangement of the visual output of the tracks by changing the zoom and xy settings of the shader.

Step 3
Repeat step 2, but keep the second eFX-ISF plug-in enabled on each track. Make a nice arrangement. Repeat this step for the next plug-ins in the stack to make more arrangements.

Step 4
Group the eFX-ISF plug-ins and map the disable/enable buttons of the eFX-ISF plug-ins to a Macro dial.

Step 5
Map each disable/enable button to a different range of the Macro.

Step 6
Make a new MIDI track and add an MultiMap plug-in on that track. Map the Macro dials on the different tracks to the MultiMap dial.

Step 7
That’s it! Now you can switch between different visual arrangements with one automation track or live with one dial.