Installer crash

I used OBS to see what the alert dialog that appears for less than a second (before it disappears with a crash) was and it says that it “couldn’t get user library path”

Any suggestions?

Could we not get a folder picker so we could select the folder - maybe defaulting to the detected path if that’s successful?

M1 Max, 64GB, MacOS Sonoma 14.0, Ableton 11.3.12

I’ve seen fixes in the past in the forum, like adding a / to the end of the ableton folder path in Library.cfg that is immediately undone by ableton as soon as able starts during the installer process, but I don’t even know if that’s the problem.

I removed the original message as it’s not much use to have the crash report as after watching the error appear and disappear in slow motion I’ve been able to read it. (It will be in the edit history though)

looking at the error report it says abort() was called - is that part of the installer error handling, and if so could it wait until after the user has acknowledged the error dialog so they can report that error easier?

I tried a manual install and whilst the plugins install, and are in ableton, adding them to a track doesn’t seem to open the ebosuite app, I used the terminal to open it manually to allow it to run (as macos wants you to approve the first run of apps downloaded from the internet), and also granted ableton full disk access.

The max for live window looks like this after a couple of attempts to use plugins that should open ebosuite on an audio track:-

Is that related to the installer not being able to find the user library? (userlib)

Hi ant,
Sorry to hear about your troubles. My first reaction is : what has changed in Sonoma…

We made a deliberate choice to autodetect the user library and limit the install to that location, there are a few reasons to do that, but the main reason is to make it work was intuitive as possible for the user and to prevent conflicts and unexpected issue, that is… if the user library detection works properly of course.

We don’t have a system with Sonoma yet (working on it as we speak) , so we have to determine what has been changed by Apple and perhaps Ableton. I will send you a few questions about your system and file locations via DM and take it from there.


The reason of this issue is that there is a new MacOS extension called LiveSpeech. This conflicts with our detection of which Ableton Live is running. This will be fixed for a new release.
For now it is possible to get around this issue by disabling Live Speech in the system settings.

Thanks @ant for your cooperation and welcome suggestions!!

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