Install isn't working

I just purchased for Windows 64 bit and Ableton Live 10. I must be missing something. When I try to open the Install als file in Ableton, it opens to a set with 1 track titled “Ebosuite Installer”. There is also a device box showing with the same name. Not sure where to go from here?

Okay so I figured out what I was missing. I looked at the requirements and seeing (64bit) listed, my brain thought “64bit Windows” as apposed to the 32bit version. Maybe they could just write not available for Windows somewhere on the page. Just a suggestion. So what do I do about the $200 I just paid? How do I get my money back?

Hi Adam, please send us an email at with the PayPal transaction number and PayPal account name. I will send you a refund then. Cheers