Inspirational video clips

Im just looking around at clips to get some ideas of how people are putting things together.

i remember seeing coldcut in early 2000s doing this type of thing… amazing


and this


Very good! Amazing to think that it was made on 1997!

Yes, that is a classic :grinning:

Thanks for posting…was going to start a similar thread!

EBN aka Emergency Broadcast Network were pioneers of video sampling in the early 90’s. Check out their work here:

Some of my favs:

Would love to see what these guys would do with current tools like EboSuite. Their original mixes were done by sampling & sequencing just the audio portion of video tapes, then going back and hand placing the video portions on a pro-sumer VHS to VHS editing deck…before digital video was a thing. INSANE. Their work changed my life.

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wow that has blown my mind. i love that cutup style. i would be impressed to see that done with ebosuite now, let alone 20+ years ago!!! Their cuts are so on. i read that they did create a midi/video keyboard later on but doing it from VHS is genius when you think about how you would have to compose that with audio first. crazy.

another inspo vid from Hexstatic. I really like the composition of this eg where they are putting everything on the screen.

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speaking of inspirational… i just bought a book called Vj Audio Visual Art and Vj Culture. im keen to learn what has come before and how people did vj work before… and who should i read about…Eboman!

i may be a bit slow off the blocks but ive just connected the dots… ha ha. WOW, i have been checking out some of your stuff Jeroen and its crazy, like this one from 20 yrs ago. Im wondering at this point, how do i bring something new when sooooo much cool sh.t has already been done!! Inspiring stuff.


Thanks! Im glad you find those tracks inspiring. I think the possibilities of video sampling and audiovisual music are seamingly endless. We hope to equip you with EboSuite to find your own voice in this super interesting artform. Have fun! We looking forward to your tracks!