Info: issue with photojpg codec on recent mac os

Hi there,

A user contacted us about a new issue that I would like to explain here:
On newer mac os versions (probably 12 (Monterey) and higher) there is an issue with videos with the photojpg codec:

  • it does not playback in EboSuite
  • eConvert and AVF Batch exporter cannot convert it to HAP or ProRes

The reason for this is that apple apparently changed something in their video framework and dropped support for this codec. This means it first needs to converted to another codec before use in EboSuite.

Possible options:

  • convert in the commandline with ffmpeg with a command like
ffmpeg -i -c:v hap

(see here for more info)

  • try this ffmpeg with gui app
    (€22 euro)
  • first convert to H264 or ProRes with another encoder and then use AVF batch encoder or eConvert.
    e.g. Adobe Media Encoder,HandBrake (both do not encode to prores), and perhaps others such as Apple Compressor and the Jokyo HAP encoder

note that for m1 systems ProRes performance is very similar to HAP, so that might simplify things and please refrain from using H264 with EboSuite. It might work initially but can give you strange issues later.