Import own HAP Renders

Is it possible to import your own HAP movie renders?
When I import my movie in HAP codec Live crashes. You can see the movie loading but when finished it’s crashing.
If I convert the HAP movies with the eConvert then there no problem, are there certain settings with rendering to a HAP file?

HI Aart,

Thanks for contributing here and sorry to hear about your issue (and great so see that you try out the software that you where involved in with an early prototype many many years ago).

This is not something we have seen before, let’s try to understand what is happening:
What do you mean with ‘when I import my movie in HAP codec Live crashes’?

  • Does Ableton Live crash or EboSuite?
  • do you drag a file to a track in arrangement view? a clipslot in session view? or to an eSampler?
  • does it also happen without EboSuite loaded?
  • have you installed the latest HAP codec on your system?

No, there are no specific requirements for the HAP settings for EboSuite (as far as we know now). As an alternative to the eConvert you could also use the application AVF Batch Convertor



Hey Timo,

thanks for the reply!
i just tested some different renders but it looked like it was not the video, it was the audio in 24 bit which caused the crash of Live (not the Ebosuite). 16 bit audio works well.
sorry, maybe its just something common of Live to don’t use 24bit, but i’ve not so much worked with Live yet.

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Hi Aart,

Glad you found out what was going on. I think it is worth to notify Ableton of this issue.
Internally they use 32bit for the recordings and freezes, but 24 should work fine as well.