Ideas & Student Support

Just found out about the software; currently following my MA at Manchester School of Art.

I studied audio at SAE Amsterdam, a while back.

Part of my research is using sound to create visuals; the first stage was to use Processing (javascript) and connect Live via Live Grabber’s fab OSC plugin suite. Worked very well.

I have since moved on to Isadora and have been designing my own QuartzComposer and GLSL plugins.
The shader plugins work like the HAP communicating directly with the GPU.

Wanted to know if you are willing to offer the software at a discount for student (proof will be provided) as I have been pretty impressed with the esampler.

In terms of ideas, would you have any plans to develop any generative based plugins?
This would allow longer, more sustained performances; a new form of jazz expression could maybe be conceived that uses the visuals to improvise rather than the other musicians?

I would love to discuss further, wat denk je, jonges? Tot volgende keer, mvg…

Hi, that sounds very interesting. Yes, we offer student discount. Can you mail us via

Generative based plug-ins are also very interesting. We are now focussing on the video sampling part, because that is the basis of EboSuite, but it makes a lot of sense to add generative visual plug-ins as well.

Groetjes! :slight_smile: