LOVE it so far! The only reason I’m stopping now is that I’ve been told by other people in the house that humans need sleep to live. A couple of ideas (assuming that these aren’t already there and I’ve just missed them):

When the midi clip is converted, the rendered clip doesn’t seem to reflect the parameters of the sampler when the original midi clip was recorded. For example: If I create a sequence with the sampler having a particular attack/release, it seems to render as if I had the sampler set to gate (if that makes sense?).


Effects that can be dropped into tracks as opposed to the cross fade. Which would allow for example: tying a tile effect that’s dropped into a track to the Beat Repeat device for live manipulation. I do this currently using OSC to tie Ableton effects to Resolume effects and then pipe visuals into it through syphon. But it would be pretty awesome to do that all out of one box. :slight_smile:

Again though, extremely excited about what I’ve seen so far! Thanks!

Thank you @Willieev good to hear your enthusiasm and great that you share your ideas here

about the eComper:
Indeed it only makes an edit of the video and the way we do this we cannot change the opacity at the moment.
So you are correct that the fade in and fade out caused by the attack and release is not reflected in the rendered clip. Sorry for not mentioning this yet, this is indeed something we should clarify and try to add in the future.

about adding visual effects on tracks:
yes!, that is definitely a good idea and we will try to add this soon to the plugin package


Timo (one of the developers of Ebosuite)