Ideal GPU for EboSuite, VDMX, OBS, PP, FCPX?

Howdy folks, bit late to the game but here I am :slight_smile: Bought the lovely Ebosuite earlier this year I believe, but have yet to get around to using it…Partly cause I haven’t installed OSX on my potential hackintosh build, could use my 15" 2011 MBP but heres my question/poll:

What GPU (please lets keep Nvidia out of this discussion due to no MacOS support) would you recommend and what GPU are you using and why?

Looking for a clean, quiet fast conversion GPU (currently got it boiled down to the AMD ASUS Vega 64 Strix) for live streaming, video manipulation, video rendering (crunching numbers doing effects rendering etc.) something futureproof that doesn’t stutter when asked to do 4k or take half an hour doing noise-reduction rendering on a 2 min video…

Nvidia no MacOS support? :thinking:
I’m running a Hackintosh with a Geforce 970 gtx and works quiet well with the ebosuite actually.
No problems so far.