I got the serious noobnesses yo

i’m trying to get up to any kind of reasonable speed learning how to use visuals with my live set, and i’m having difficulty finding tutorials that address just the most basic aspects of video such as codecs and the different image files and what they are and what they do and what they can’t do, and why to convert them and how.

Also i’m now equipped with several brand spanking new applications (Syphon Recorder, Visual Studio Code, iShowU Studio2, ISF editor, AVF Batch Converter,GifToSyphon . . .) but i don’t get the chronology of use and can’t see clearly how they work with and complement each other.

at the same time i’m trying to build a database folder of image files to choose from for my projects, and in experimentation i’m grabbing some video files like .mov from my iPhone and .mp4 files from the Internet Archive or videohive and sticking them on tracks, but my iPhone files are upside down and the quality of the others is not good, and my troubleshooting is proving to be relatively clueless with a wandering, time-wasting quality to it. i need an solid elementary tutorial that doesn’t assume any previous experience or engineering background.

if anyone can point me to a primer to read or even a paid consultant/teacher i’d be grateful.

fwiw -
MBP 2019 Catalina - 10.15.7
2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
64 GB RAM - 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5500m 4GB (i know, bummer i didn’t think to get the upgrade to 8GB)
Ableton 11.0.6

Hi Skott,

Thanks for your message. My advice would be to take it step by step and not try to master everything at once.

Did you already checkout the manual, tutorial and quick tips that are linked here: https://ebosuite.com/support/ ?

You will get the best performance with HAP videos, you can make these with the AVF Batch convertor and also in EboSuite itself using eConvert or directly in an eSampler (the AVF Batch convertor is most convenient for a bunch/batch of files).

The ISF editor is only necessary if you want to edit ISF files, but that is a more advanced step that I would skip for now.

You can record your video output using either Quicktime, iShowU or Syphon recorder if you put a eSyphon on the master-track (or alternatively you can use an external HDMI recorder) and you need a virtual driver to route the audio from Ableton to the recorder of your choice such as the one provided by iShowU.

I don’t see why you would need Visual Studio Code. And GifToSyphon is more a fun tool to route animated gifs to syphon and that you can get into EboSuite using eSyphonIn.

I hope this helps a bit to see the wood for the trees. Also, feedback as to where the tutorials/manual is too technical/complex is appreciated.

Good luck!

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thanks for your reply, good advice, and clarifying info.

this simple language is particularly helpful to distinguish wood from trees. i’ll go back over all the tutorials i may have rushed through as well as the manual, and i’ll note where i get lost.

step by step. and “slow and steady wins the race.” cheers.

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