How to request a refund

A few days ago I bought ebosuite and then discovered after the fact that it does not run on Windows. I posted the problem on Facebook and got a reply from someone in the company over the weekend saying they would issue a refund. I have not heard anything further. I have gone to the website and there is no support section to request help or even to see my account where I bought the product. PLEASE help me resolve this issue.

I can be reached at

Hi Robert, I just sent you a full refund. I am sorry that it took some time to help you with this. Shall I add you to the mailinglist for Windows users, so I can keep you updated about the Windows version of EboSuite?

I just made the same mistake and purchased this software thinking I could use it on my Windows computer. I read the requirements and seeing 64bit listed, I mistakenly thought it was referring to Windows 64bit. I don’t have Facebook. How do I go about getting my money back?

Hi Adam, please send us an email at with the PayPal transaction number and PayPal account name. I will send you a refund then. Cheers

Same mistake here. I’ve sent an email to and would like to be informed of Windows platfor development please and thank you

Hi Ttsnate, I guess you are Nathan? As discussed by email, I did the refund yesterday and added you to the Windows mailinglist. Cheers