How to record mix of video out with audio

I have an sampler track and three clip tracks in the session view.
So 4 video out . All with audio connected.
I would like to record both audio and video of the mix to one quicktime mov…
Can this be done with ebosuite?

You can use the Syphon recorder application to record video mixes and compositions. To do this add an eSyphon plug-in to the master and download the Syphon recorder app (see link below). You might need to select the correct source on the Syphon recorder app, but it super easy to use. You can also add an eSyphon plug-in on a single track to record only the output of that track. This is how I recorded the example movie from the demo pack. This will only record the video, you can record the audio in Ableton en combine audio and video later. We plan to offer an integrated solution in the future.

If you have Loopback Audio (from Rogue Amobea i think) installed in your system, the audio from Live is recorded at the same time if you set this in Syphon Recorder preferences

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Hee, thanks for the tip! Cheers

I downloaded Syphon recorder & iShowU audio capture – Then I dragged the ‘eSyphonOut’ plugin from the EboSuite folder into my master track. At first I couldn’t hear audio while recording, so I opened Audio MIDI Setup and created a new Multi-Output Device & checked ‘Built in Output’ & ‘iShowU Audio Capture’ as my 2 outputs. After that, I was able to record my live set while having the ability to hear it as it recorded.


having the same issue , i repeated this same step but cannot seem to get audio to syphon not sure why.
using catalina
latest version of ebo
lastes version of ableton

i uninstalled ishowuaudio plugin and syphon restarted comp resetup the multi output device . currently fixed. :innocent:

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