How to Loop Video Clips?

Hello I am a new user of EboSuite, and I cannot figure out one of the most basic aspects of VJ mixing…

How does one get a video clip, that has been dropped onto an audio track, to loop / repeat ?

I must be overlooking something obvious, but I would appreciate any guidance to get me started.

Thank you !

HI Markus, you can loop videos just like audioclips. So you need to turn on warping and the select loop (the button left to it in Live 11). If you play this in session with eSession view it will now loop the video. In arrangement view (with eArrangment) you will need to drag the cliplength longer to actually get it looping.
See also the manual: Clip View — Ableton Reference Manual Version 11 | Ableton
Good luck,

Thank you very much, Timo !

Your reply with the link to the user guide is much appreciated.

I have a lot to learn, but an exciting frontier to explore.