How to have video clips follow volume envelopes?

Hi, when I have a video loaded into a Simpler or eSampler, is there a way for the video’s opacity to follow the volume envelope? I’d like a video to gently fade after it triggers. Thanks!

Hi mverzola, I think the ADSR is a good way to achieve that (in the eSampler). When Env to Opacity is enabled, the opacity of the video will follow the shape of the ADSR. So if you set a longer Attack (A) time, the video will slowly fade in when it is triggered and when you set a longer Release (R) time (and shorter Sustain (S) time), the video will slowly fade out when it is triggered. Set a longer Freeze time to keep the video visible during the fade out if needed. you could also use an Envelope Follower to directly connect the opacity of the eSampler to the volume. You can connect the volume slider of that track to the Envelope Follower or use the eFade plug-in (that will give you more control over the opacity). Does that work for you?

Awesome, man. Thank you, I totally missed the Env to Opacity button. That said, I prefer working with eSimpler tied to a Simpler, and you also helped with that, as it looks like the best bet is having a Shaper MIDI device mapped to eFade’s Fade control, especially as in my use case I have the video in a rack with an audio chain, so I don’t want to touch the channel’s volume control. I guess my next comment is a feature request – I’d love an option on the eSimpler to link the Simpler’s volume envelope to opacity. The envelope in the eSampler doesn’t have the same wide range of values as the Simpler. And actually there aren’t any Simpler links to opacity other than velocity…I’d like even the general volume knob to be linked as an option. Thank you again for your help!

Yes, it makes sense to add that. Feature request noted!

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