How to change preview window

Hello mates, i wanna know how can i change the preview window. I already have set some esimplers in an drum rack. The preview windows was fine when i was working with that in live but now i think to record it and the windows is much to small.

Big thanks forward
Regards fReD

Hi Manfred, you can control the size, position, render quality (and more) of the output window and the preview window with the eOutput plug-in. You’ll find that plug-in in the ‘Tools’ folder in the EboSuite plug-ins folder. You can read more about that plug-in here:

Ah thank you very much.
Best regards Manfred

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Hi Jeroen, hope i can ask you that here. What will Ebosuite cost on Black Friday?
Best regards Manfred
PS: So happy. At 6:27 starts my first little work with Ebo … will buy it for sure:

Hi Manfred, you make great work! I am glad you can use EboSuite in your process. On Black Friday we will have a 20% discount.

Hi Jeroen, thank you. Good to know, looking forward to BF.
Best regards Manfred