How play previous version projects after 2.1 upgrade

Hi there
This is hopefully a simple question. I have just upgraded to Ebosuite 2.1 - from previous Ebosuite 1…
The projects that I have built with the older version now do not play, with error messages e.g that eClip media files cannot be located. I presume this is because there are different names now for the Ebosuite functions?
Is there an easy way to convert these older projects to work with the upgrade?
Thanks Bertie

To use EboSuite 1.x projects with EboSuite 2.x, use the eLiveSetTool application that you will find in your Applications folder.

Enable ‘upgrade Live set/preset from EboSuite v1.x to v2.0’ and drag your Live set file (.als) into the drop zone. The .als will be converted into a v2.x file and added next to the original .als (with ‘_upgraded’ added to the file name).

You can read more about the eLiveSetTool in the manual: