How do I set the color for eFX-Chroma?

I see the white block in the bottom of the plugin. I click it, try to drag it… nothing. How do I select a color that I set in the eFX-Shape plugin so I can mask?
eFX parameters are not documented. :frowning:

I had the same question once before, but if you play with the sliders the white block changes color, like hue shift. Then it should be possible to adjust it to the color you want to key out. But i agree, an eyedropper tool would be nice here.

Would also be nice if there’s some sort of ‘edge blur’ function, to soften the edges when a color is keyed.

Hi RC and Fred, we choose this interface (the three sliders to select the key color), because that makes it easier to automate the key color (we received some user requests a year ago to make the key color automatable). In many cases you can use the fade parameter to blur the edges. I’ll make a note that we should expand the feature set of this plug-in. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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